2 Amazing Trucking Transportation Feats

The trucking industry provides a vital service to commerce everywhere. Almost all the goods displayed on store shelves have, at one time or another, probably been on a truck. Big rig drivers travel thousands of miles every day delivering a huge variety of loads to destinations from coast to coast. These drivers navigate every conceivable combination of weather and road conditions as a routine part of their occupation.

The different kinds of loads truckers haul are many times a mystery to the outside world. Other times, the shape or configuration of the loads is obvious. Anyone who has seen a sleek, aerodynamic wind turbine blade behind a freight hauler on a modified flatbed hauler job can immediately identify it. The tell-tale “V” shape of hopper bottom jobs hint at some bulk load like grains or coal. A fascinating view of this occupation would be incomplete without looking at a couple of the most unusual loads ever hauled.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour

In October of 2012, after an illustrious career with NASA, Endeavour made its way to the California Science Center museum.  The shuttle, weighing more than 75 tons, was put on display there where visitors are still able to view this icon of space exploration. Endeavour flew 25 missions before retirement and, when being transported through Los Angeles, measured 122 feet in length and 78 feet wide. The trip required cutting down 400 trees and temporary interruption of utilities and street lighting.

A Water Desalination Plant

This desalinization plant became the new Guinness World Record Holder for the heaviest thing ever moved by road freight in 2012. This monster, weighing in at over 4,800 tons and covering more than a football field, was moved 2 kilometers from a special port to the Saudi Arabia plant site. Truly an exceptional feat of trucking transportation.

Today’s stores filled with huge varieties of goods owe their abundance in part to the trucking industry. Sometimes the loads they haul sound impossible. These 18-wheel fixtures of the open highway move it all and make it look easy.

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