Every time the year changes, the trends and technologies are also updating. These changes are being done so people can be more comfortable and be able to have improvements in their lives. 

One of these is in the automotive industry. They have always been on track with the new technological developments happening in the world. 

Some of these trends that you should watch out for are that most vehicles in the next decade will come with Wi-Fi as the internet is not only needed at home or office but also during your trips as well.

Next trend is the invention of autonomous vehicles. Some companies have already shown their capabilities of developing cars with a stand-alone driving feature. This means that you may be able to relax in your vehicle in the coming years while it drives your autopilot anywhere you want to go.

Another one is better customer experience by voice command. Because of the rise of voice-activated systems, companies are improving their voice command in the vehicle as well.

A lot of drivers have no idea that their data can be breached so in 2020, they will be educated regarding the safety of automotive connectivity. In terms of road safety and security aspects, having good quality window tints are still relevant in the upcoming decade.

For improved buying experience, because of virtual reality, car purchasing has never been more comfortable. For example, Toyota developed an augmented reality system that enables users to know specific car models without going to a showroom itself.

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And to know more about the different automotive trends in 2020, read this infographic below.


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