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It controls the activities of recycling facilities for old cars. Each item must be registered with and provide the agency with information about its work. Who pays for car recycling? After the German law on recycling came into force, car manufacturers began to take responsibility for creating a network of collection points for old cars. Thus, the state ensures compliance with EU law in Germany without directly interfering with disposal issues.

Automobile Processing Business: Auto Recycling

That is why any enterprise that works in this direction will be in great demand. This includes the broken glass collection point. In addition to the fact that such organizations significantly improve the environmental situation, they are also very profitable. There is little competition here. Nowadays, this is a very demanded business not only in UK, but also in other CIS countries, since the ecological well-being in these territories is very low. From the car dismantler Carlisle

Many entrepreneurs think that this business is a thing of the past, but it is not

Auto recycling is a good independent business, which is still little developed, although there are probably already large cities.

Organization of a car disassembly business

Prospects for a car disassembly business

In the USA, where cars are the most per capita, such a business has been developed for a very long time. Surely many had to see in the movies the dumps of old cars, where they are being dismantled. At such points, the owner of the autodismantling is trying to capitalize on all the car junk. Whole and undamaged auto parts are resold to the owners of used or crashed cars, cooperation with taxi fleets, car rental, and repair shops is ongoing.

Some cars that got to the disassembly point are repaired and resold, which can bring a very substantial income. Others, which cannot be repaired, are completely disassembled and sold as scrap metal. Now in UK there are many old and unnecessary cars. When in the nineties and two thousandths, more used cars were imported into our country than the domestic auto industry produced, no one thought about recycling a huge number of rapidly aging foreign cars.


In recent years, the situation has changed, more and more people are trying to buy a new, or not very used car. Resale of old cars almost completely transferred to the domestic market. What is in demand in the secondary market When disassembling a car, you can get up to percent of perfectly working parts. It can be parts of the engine, chassis, body, interior or various devices.

All this is carefully removed from the car, cleaned and entered into the database of parts stored in the warehouse. As a rule, the body suffers the most.

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