Do handlebar muffs really help with grip when riding?

What exactly do I need in my handlebar muff?

We’ve all had that time on a bike, your fingers have been holding up well in the cold, but now it starts to get a bit extreme. The chill of the bitter wind starts to pierce your glove, and your fingers start to re-grip. You wish for another layer of clothing under your glove or a second glove. If the winter cold is something you have to endure when riding, then we suggest you check out one of the best motorbike accessories on the market to keep you warm. Yes, we’re talking about getting Handlebar Muffs.

What does my muff need to do?

There is a huge selection out there, and as when choosing any motorbike accessories, you should think about what qualities you need from your muffs. You need complete and easy access to the controls, you need to be sure that the bike still functions safely, and that it responds how we expect it too. And we need this to function in all types of weather, so it’s got to be made from a waterproof material. This material will also need to be windproof. When on the road, the wind already starts to pierce a glove, so we need to have it as windproof as possible. Maybe we need them to have reflective bands to allow visibility to other vehicles on the road.

How can I upgrade?

There are a lot of ways to tailor your motorbike accessories. With heated grips, you can warm just the palms of your hands. They can still have all the features listed above but add some extra boost to your cold hands. Features to look out for are how they fit on your bike; Velcro is great for a speedy option. Maybe you want yours to be portable, or maybe you’re planning to keep them on your bike for a longer period. Ease of fit becomes more important when you take them on and off many times in a short period. You need to make sure they are compatible with your mirrors. It can be quite frustrating to have to adjust your mirrors every time you attach them.

What is our recommended muff?

So, when it comes down to it, you need a good grip. And that’s where muffs can be a great asset. Our hands work better when they’re warm. We all know that feeling when our glove is wet, and the wind gets through the glove, and your fingers start to hurt. This is when you would give anything to have the right muff for you. You need to be sure that you have the best grip and that’s why we love handlebar muffs. They are a great way to battle that cold weather and anything that keeps the rain and cold away from your hands has got to be welcome. No matter which handlebar muff you end up with, may your fingers always be warm enough for that ride, read more.


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