Get Things Covered for Winter With a New Soft Top for Your Jeep Wrangler

It is SO vital to discover a suitable quality smooth top as you get your Jeep Wrangler prepared for winter. Keeping you heat and dry internal is prime, and preserving your Jeep’s interior smooth and dry is, too! Moisture on the inner makes rust or soggy situations for you to sit down or trip in. And I’m sure your date or your sweetie would not be too inspired with soggy seats or ground mats!

The gentle tops in present day Jeep Accessories After Market are super, and SO an awful lot improved over the ones only 10 years in the past. You can find replacement tender tops for maximum years, which is likewise big! The tops of these days from makers like Be stop are supported by way of powder-coated heavy gauge metal tube frames and blanketed with taut water-resistant canvas cloth. They’re built sturdy to eliminate gaps and sagging, which serves to help them hold up and last longer. The windows are all waterproof as nicely, assuring that you may stay heat and dry inside this 12 months!!

You can also locate some amazing fine hardtops in your Wrangler if it is more your speed. Both hard and smooth tops can be had in numerous colors as nicely, to better healthy up along with your paint preference on the Jeep itself. There are many solid aftermarket web sites that specialize in alternative wrangler gentle tops, so take the time, and do a little shopping. Then find a properly satisfactory Jeep top that works for you and your part of the u . S ., and get that Jeep protected upright.

Jeep Maintenance – Doing It Yourself the Easy Way

Maintenance of any car can be an expensive affair. This is especially because the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you think about car maintenance is how expensive the accessories are on the market today. Except in the case where replacement of worn out parts is inevitable, proper maintenance of your jeep is far cheaper than dipping into your pocket to buy a new accessory whenever your jeep breaks down. The engine of your jeep in particular requires regular checks if at all the jeep has to stay long enough on the road. Here are some of the important tips that you can put into practice if you are looking to achieve long life for your jeep.

The easiest step is one that many people tend to ignore, and that is following the instructions in the manual. When the instructions in any manual are followed to the latter, 70% of the problems that are likely to result from misuse can easily be avoided when these instructions are followed to the latter. Your success in maintenance will however heavily depend on how hands on you are in your efforts to keep your jeep in shape. Ideally, your engine oil has to be changed after every 3000 miles. The most common varieties of oil that you can use include Kendall, Valvoline and Gastrol GTX. This is considered the initial and the most important step in the engine maintenance process. Thereafter, you will need to change the auto trans oil that you might be using, ensure that you filter the first 100,00 miles and then you can be doing it 12,000 times thereafter for the purpose of maintenance.

Both the rear and the front gear oils have to be changed 12,000 times. The recommended ratio is 80 90 gear oil. When it is being applied to the rear differential then a special limited slip oil should be part of the mix, it is also at this point that drive shafts should be checked and retroqued.


The cooling system is equally important on your jeep. This should be drained and flushed after every 15,000 miles covered by the jeep. Alternatively you can do it after every 2 years. The tires should ordinarily be rotated after every 5000 miles covered by the jeep, and the torque capped at 85 foot pounds. The practice of criss-crossing the tires side by side is highly discouraged, not forgetting the fact that you must always run with the correct air pressure.

It is recommended that you paint your jeep, always take your jeep to a car wash and keep away from using Windex on the jeep’s plastic windows. Rubber renew works well on the tires. This is a good product to use to take care of your tires and wheels since it keeps them soft and pliable.

In a nutshell, it is quite easy to keep your jeep out of harm’s way by following these simple rules. However in the event that you cannot be able to do a few things and the only way out is buying a new accessory then consider contacting a reputable dealer such as Bestop for all your jeep accessory needs.

Bonney is an expert online writer specializing in the automotive industry. He writes about four wheel drive cars, accessories and anything in between. Bestop is your one stop shop for all the jeep accessories that you might need.

Jeep Soft and Hard Top Storage

Need to protect your jeep’s top from harm? Then look no further. The jeep soft and hard top storage is the perfect way to achieve that protection while retaining the jeep’s good looks. The hard and soft storage help keep the tops free of debris and dirt. In addition, these storage boots are designed for use even when the windows of the jeep are zipped out. Moreover, for those of you struggling to find room for the soft and hard tops, worry no more. There are various ideas on how you can store a jeep’s hardtop. The hard top storage device presents a section for storing hard tops. You can build a dolly made of caster wheels on the base so that it is easy to move the top around the garage. This also keeps the hardtop level and flat for protection. The caster wheels at the bottom allow for mobility. Another great idea of storing hardtops is by placing the tops properly in the rafter of the garage.

There are covers that come in handy for your jeep soft and hard top storage. These covers feature loop and hook fasteners that seal a hardtop in the hard cover. The indoor car cover is custom tailored with the dimensions of your jeep Wrangler hardtop that features the technical Noah barrier fabric. The fabric is also breathable and features a layer made up of microscopic holes that allow heat and moisture vapor to escape. You also get a storage cart, which is convenient for storing soft and hard jeep tops. The carts are designed to permit storage of your hard tops in an upright position. This takes about 1/3 the space of horizontal storage. The cart brags of features such as a heavyweight caster wheels mounted on a steel frame with a long-lasting black powder finish. For added safety, you can use lockable casters. Safely lock the hardtop lift gate before placing it on the cart.

Most damage of your soft and hard tops happens when they are off the car. For your jeep soft and hard top storage, use an entirely padded bag, which has a kit for hanging on the wall. The interior of the bag is completely lined with a soft material, zipped on both sides and is padded while the outer part is made of strong nylon. The bag has two strong ‘D’ rings that support the back straps and comes with two hardwearing hooks, which screw, into a wall. Generally, the bag is shaped to support the soft top safely for long periods with no distortion of damage risks. Creating a one compacted storage bag is the soft-top bag. It is sized to fit the soft top and you can easily store it in the jeep when riding topless. Simply place your soft top in the bag between a separate divider then roll it into a tube shape. Subsequently place it in a vinyl protective cover securing the ends with cords. Then you can lay the bag on the trunk area ready for use in case need arises.

For excellent jeep soft and hard top storage, use the Rampage Soft Top Storage Boot Gray for Jeep wranglers. This allows you to store the soft top in the car boot while traveling. When folded down, the Rampage Soft Top Storage Boot Gray guards the soft top from strong sunlight, dirt, and debris. The storage bags and racks for soft and hard tops help to secure the jeep’s tops. They protect the tops from damage, debris, dust, dirt and from blowing away.

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