How Long Do the Auto Accident Claim Procedure Take Time?

The procedures of auto accident claim start as soon as the accident takes place and as you submit the claim request to the insurance agency. Every state has a different deadline of claim process which varies from one year at minimum to a maximum of ten years. For instance, the statute of limitations in the state of Oregon provides ten years of the deadline for the auto accident deadline whereas if you are in the state of Tennessee, you will have to file the claim within one year of the deadline. However, as per the statute of limitations in Colorado, you will have to file the auto accident claim within 180 days. You need to consult with an experienced lawyer such as Grand Junction Auto Accident Lawyer to know the deadline as well as other necessary procedures which will fetch you the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

The auto accident claim procedure is a complex and tricky task. Your insurance company may suggest you to quickly complete the claim process because for your need of money for several purposes even before you complete your treatment. Remember, they may put pressure on you to reach a settlement quickly not because they want to help you in your financial crisis but because they can reduce their liabilities. They may also exaggerate about the long procedures and claim processes suggesting you sign papers to achieve an early settlement.

Eventually, you need to be intelligent enough to discuss everything in detail with your auto accident settlement lawyer before signing any document with the insurance company. Your attorney will review your claim details such as accident details and injuries etc. and can provide you with appropriate ideas to determine what type of claim you will file such as roadside assistance claims, glass claims, physical damage claims, medical claims etc.

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