How to Keep Hail from Rocking Your Car’s World?


Weather storms can damage cars in myriad ways, from flinging branches onto roofs to hosing water through small lining cracks. One storm element that car owners fear as much as anything else is damaging hail. These icy crystals, which can form to the size of a grapefruit, will destroy a car’s exterior in one brief outburst. You can protect your car by planning ahead, however. Here is how to crystallize a process to keep these nasty ice balls from bouncing off your precious metal.

Store in a Garage

While it may seem obvious, parking your car in a garage or under a carport is your best choice for preventing damage. If you live in an area where hail-producing storms appear frequently, your car will eventually get pelted if not under a cover. The same concern applies at work; if at all possible, leave your car in a parking garage when the weather forecast implies danger.

Seek Shelter on the Road

If you are on the highway when an unexpected storm hits, you may have few avenues for avoiding the hailstones. Look for an overpass where you can park and ride out the storm. When the front passes and you can safely exit your car, assess it for damage. If necessary, then take it to an auto body shop Lakewood CO that specializes in repairing hail damage.

Purchase a Cover

If you do not have access to a garage or you know you will be driving for many days, consider investing in a car cover. These blankets are designed to protect vehicles from various destructive environmental elements. If you want a cover that is capable of shielding against hail, look for one that is thick enough to do the job.

Hailstorms can do extensive damage to property. But you can keep Mother Nature from putting a dent in your car’s appearance by planning preventative measures before her next arrival.