How to Use a Car Scratch Remover?

Most of us tend to take pride of our exterior presentation and the exterior of the car is an extension of how we present ourselves to the world at large. Cleaning the car, waxing and removing scratches and dents are one way of preening our looks by getting the ride spick and span. But have you ever wondered how does any of these car scratch remover spray cans work?

The paint job on a car is composed of three layers, the bottom most layer provides resistance to the elements to protect the metal from corrosion. The middle layer is a primer that binds to the lower layer and provides a surface for the paint to stick to it. The top most layer is a lacquer layer that makes the car shine. A scratch can damage any of these layers or all of them which thankfully can be corrected with a car scratch remover spray available in the market.

Even the best car scratch remover kits have a very fine abrasive material held in a liquid suspension. The liquid lubricates the area as you polish and keeps the abrasive material’s cutting action smooth and controlled. A scratch on the car is basically a rough cut on the surface of the paint due to any sort of accident or mishap.

The outer layer of the paint of the car is very smooth that helps reflect the light well. A small scratch on it will first need to be polished down, if it is not too deep, and then repaint on it to make the surface reflective again. The pigments of paint in the car scratch remover spray and the primer if the scratch is large, will fill up the area and provide a clear uniform surface.

The best car scratch removers employ this same technique for their car scratch remover spray. Com-Paint provides a complete Value Pack kit of items in a single place that helps you save time and money. The kit comprises of an aerosol spray can of paint that is shade matched to your car’s color. It also contains a filler paste (Com-Fill) to first fill in the scratch and prepare the surface for painting. A light grade emery paper is provided to gently smoothen the surface. After you apply the paint touch up, apply the finishing solvent (Com-Merge) to get rid of overspray followed by the polish (Com-Cut) for providing a shine to the surface.

For all small scratches the touch up paint will work which is convenient as well as much cheaper than taking the car to the body shop. A car scratch remover spray paint also enables you to remove that scratch to bring it back to pristine conditions and restore its looks. A small scratch covering also makes sure that the scratch does not become larger or starts damaging other parts due to reduced tolerance to the elements.

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