Along with freedom and independence, vehicle ownership brings with it the responsibility of having to maintain your vehicle and do necessary repairs when they crop up. Sometimes regardless of how well we care for our vehicles, unexpected repairs still are necessary, and often at the worst possible time. Not only is it inconvenient to be without our vehicles for any length of time, unprotected owners can be left paying for the repairs out of pocket. Companies like Liberty Auto Protection have made a business out of helping people protect themselves against the stress of surprise repairs.

Why Liberty Auto Protection?

While there are lots of automobile service plan providers to choose from, not all offer their members the same benefits. Liberty Auto Protection commercial plans have made a name for themselves in the industry based on flexible and customizable service plans delivered with premium-quality customer service. Thanks, in part, to their simple claims process, members enjoy the benefits of unlimited claim amounts throughout the duration of their plans, and when their vehicles are in the shop for repairs, they are not unavailable for long as Liberty is partnered with reputable mechanics shops that are thorough and efficient.

With a wide variety of coverage plans available from basic to comprehensive, the Elite Exclusionary plan,  Royal Select, Premier, Classic, Powertrain, and Basic all offer different benefits to their owners. The variety of Liberty Plans available cover an impressive range of drivers, vehicle types and ages, and budgets.

Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite exclusionary plan provides owners with a comprehensive coverage that includes everything on the vehicle, other thn routine maintenance requirements and basic wear-and-tear items: light bulbs, upholstery, and paint.

Royal Select Plan

The Royal Select Plan is highly recommended for newer vehicles as it includes coverage on all the major components and listed parts. This plan offers ideal protection for new vehicle owners.

Premier Plan

The Liberty Premier plan is a full-coverage policy that brings vehicle owners the ultimate peace of mind of knowing that their vehicle’s components that are most likely to be in need of repairs at one point or another are covered.

Classic Plan

The Liberty Classic plan is a comprehensive coverage plan that helps protect vehicle owners against the costliest of major repairs. This plan is recommended for those looking for protection of common repairs.

Powertrain Plan

The Powertrain plan is the ideal coverage plan for vehicle owners planning on keeping their vehicles on the road for long periods of time. It gives owners the most comprehensive protection level to guard against the costliest of repairs.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan covers the most important component of a vehicle, and also the costliest to repair: the engine. This type of coverage plan is ideal for older vehicles as it guards against the costliest of repair bills.

If you are experiencing the stressful side of vehicle ownership, you are likely wondering how you can protect yourself and prevent the out-of-pocket costs associated with unexpected vehicle repairs. Liberty Auto Protection commercial and residential coverage plans are designed to meet and exceed a wide range of vehicle-owner needs. From basic to comprehensive, the Liberty Auto Protection coverage plans provide their owners with more than just peace of mind; they help to protect and guard against the costliest of repair bills that can make the freedom of owning a vehicle seem like more of a hindrance than a help. If you are interested in protecting yourself against these costs, look up your local Liberty Auto Protection address, visit their website, or give them a phone call today to get your free service plan quote.


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