Rubber Chock for All-Terrain Wheels, Trucks, and Caravans

Bumpers, chocks, and floor delimiters are designed to prevent possible damage to wheels of vehicles. These stops are elements that are created to place and stop vehicles. Thus, once they touch each other, it is already known that we cannot move further, and the car stops, just like when using 6’ parking blocks.

The chocks are used to give more support to the vehicle once it is braked. They are wedges of different materials and sizes designed to fit each type of wheel better. There are various types of chocks. Some of them are explained below:

Large Rubber Chocks: For Heavy Vehicle Wheels

The large rubber chock for heavy vehicles is designed to immobilize the wheels of large and heavy vehicles. They offer the security and robustness necessary to ensure that heavy vehicles will not move once parked.

The rubber wheel chocks stand out for its versatile use for many types of vehicles, such as trucks of different weights and sizes, as well as trailers. It also demonstrates its effectiveness in maintenance, repair, and change of tires, both in mechanical workshops and in unforeseen situations on the street. Therefore, it is advisable to include it as a security device.

Rubber Chocks with Anti-Theft Chain: Special for Trucks

This rubber chock is explicitly designed for truck wheels with an integrated 7-meter anti-theft chain, to prevent the truck from moving when it is parked and offer additional protection.

The rubber chock is recommended and used during the task of loading and unloading of truck merchandise, to avoid accidents due to displacements or movements caused by the maneuvers or the machinery used, as well as to ensure that the truck does not leave the point of Charge ahead of time.

The rubber block is a simple device that increases industrial safety and the prevention of hazards, just like speed humps. The rubber chock model with an anti-theft chain is specific for industrial vehicles, beneficial, and recommended for maintenance works.

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