Safety Tips When Sharing The Road With Giants


Sharing the road with really big vehicles, oil tankers, 18 wheelers and the rest can be very exasperating. I have heard many a driver complain about this and sometime even cuss at these truck drivers. The frustration however can be said to be well founded. These drivers use up more space on the road, they don’t do our biddings and to be honest we’re sometimes scared of them.

Here’s the thing though, these guys are important to the economy. They transport fuel products, merchandize we buy in the supermarkets such as meat and a whole lot of other things. They are the connection between the factory/port and the market. So they are not about to go anywhere soon. Therefore, we’ll be sharing with you tips in order to share the road safely with these juggernauts.

1.     Yield To Them

The fact is that these vehicles are bigger than yours; therefore don’t try to struggle for space with them. Show them some respect, you’d be doing yourself and your passengers a lot of good by doing this. When you have to, yield to them, give them room to enter into the highway, in the end you’ll be fine.

2.     Always Assume That They Can’t See You

These big vehicles come with a lot of handicap. The drivers don’t have full visibility, unlike you who has rear view mirror, the other fellow doesn’t have that luxury, so there are lots of things he can’t seen. One safe assumption to follow is this; “if you can’t see them, they can’t see you”. Now that’s talking about the driver of the big vehicle and you. If you can’t see the guy perhaps in his side view mirror or from his window, it is almost certain that he can’t see you. Of course he can’t see you if you’re directly behind him.

3.     Give Them Space

These big vehicles need longer braking distances, so it’s just wise for you to stay away from them if possible. You should give a space of like 4 cars between you and them at all time, just for your safety. When overtaking, do that as quickly as possible, and as usual on the left lane. You can also slow down when you’re on the right lane so that they can overtake faster.

4.     No Drafting, You’re Not A fish

Smaller fishes sometime swim in the wake or shadow of bigger fishes. They use the bigger fish’s draft, thereby conserving energy for them. Swimmers also use it in open water long distance races. This is the same thinking certain drivers bring to land. The assumption is that if you drive in a big vehicle draft, you’ll conserve fuel as your car will burn less energy. According to the laws of aerodynamics, this is a fallacy and it can lead to a fatality.

Let’s just assume the drafting thing even works, the loss far out way the benefits. You’d be driving very close to the vehicle remember, you might just be putting yourself in harm’s way.


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Stay Safe

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