Seven Things That People Should Know About Scrap Car Removal and its Effects on the World

It’s something that everyone has done at one time or another:everybody has had to scrap a car that’s been totaled or is just too old to be on the road, anymore. At the very least, people know someone who has. The truth is, however, that most people don’t really know anything about it! So, here are a few things that everyone should know about scrap car removal:

First, recycling plays a heavy part in scrap car removal. Once those hulks are hauled away, they go on to make up about twenty-five percent of a new car. Furthermore, about eighty percent of a used vehicle is recycled. In Europe, it’s roughly seventy-five percent.

Scrap Car Removal companies are usually small businesses with about three-quarters of them employing less than a dozen people. The average number of employees in a scrap car removal company is about four!

The vehicle recycling industry involves more than just metal. Millions of gallons of fuel are reclaimed from scrap vehicles as well. That’s in addition to some twenty-four million gallons of motor oil, eight million gallons of engine coolant, and five million gallons of windshield washer fluid! That means that some eighty-five million barrels of oil are saved every year, thanks to scrap car removal services. The amount of car batteries that can be recycled is astounding with a rate as high as ninety-eight percent!

Scrap car removal is a much bigger industry than most people are aware of. It’s actually the sixteenth largest industry in the U.S., with about twenty-five billion dollars in revenue per annum. In addition to that, it’s quite the employer, providing jobs to a hundred thousand people. It’s not a new industry either, but goes back about seventy-five years.

They’re great at getting cheaper parts for the average consumer. Thanks to all of those scrap vehicles sitting around scrapyards, many people are able to get discount parts that are as little as twenty percent of the cost of buying that part new!

There is also such a thing as car tire recycling! This part of the industry is creating everything from streets and sandals from recycled tires. This has led to a massive increase in interest in recycling tires to the point that the recycling rate for tires is now approaching eighty-five percent in three of the world’s developed countries. This has become such a huge market that it actually exceeds the reuse rate for some other recyclables.

The results of all of these different forms of recycling for automobiles has made it the most recycled product on the planet. It’s such a major part of the automotive industry, that it creates enough steel to produce thirteen million cars per year.

So, there’s actually a lot to know about just how far the scrap car removal industry does to help the environment, create small business, employ people, and even make it cheaper for someone to repair their car!

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