Signs you’re living the biker lifestyle

When the term biker lifestyle is mentioned, freedom rings in our minds. The biker lifestyle allows you to travel across the country without having to stay in one place necessarily. Many people call themselves bikers but do not fully live that life. Such are constrained by various things like career, relationship, and work. As a motorcycle imports dealer, I can say I am deep in the biker’s lifestyle living.

For you to conclude that you are living a biker lifestyle the following will be evident;

You value spending time with their biker club members

Bikers who highly value time spent with fellow bikers are genuinely living the biker lifestyle. Such people do not take the time they spend together for granted. They value such time and look forward to the good times. They believe in brotherhood and sisterhood and are ready to lend a helping hand whenever they are called upon.  and most importantly, they value their community bond.

You are familiar with your friend’s exhaust sounds

Have you ever found yourself recognizing the sound of the bike as your friend’s and it turns out to be so? In that case, it only means that you live a biker lifestyle as only bikers can recognize bikes by the sounds of their exhausts. You have ridden together so often that you can smell them a mile away.

Riding for the sake of riding

Many are times that bikers go riding without a particular reason. You find yourself riding your bike to no particular destination simply because you enjoy being on a two-wheel. You love the thrill and you’re ready to go for riding adventures. Most of the time, you go out of your way to organizing riding cruises for you and your club.

Comparing your love for people to the love of your machine

You can tell that you live a biker lifestyle if you find yourself comparing your love for bikes to that of people you love. You can tell that you love a person if you feel the same way as you feel towards your bike. If you have numerously found battery issues on your bike, giving you a sleepless night or comparing your love for the bike to your girlfriend, you are surrey living a biker lifestyle.

Disliking the idea of sharing your bike

How attached are you to your bike? Do you mind giving a friend the keys to your baby? For instance, you understand that you should not ask to ride a fellow biker’s bike because they know how precious they hold it.  Doing so is termed as infringing on their privacy. They say there are things that bikers never share, which are cigars, women, and bikes.

In conclusion, you can know whether you live a biker lifestyle if you repeatedly find yourself choosing to ride to your destination over other means of transport. Also, if your conversation mostly revolves around bikes, then you’re head over heels with biking.