Technology Features Installed in Genesis Luxury Cars

The vehicle line of the brand Genesis that consists of the flagship models G70, G80, and G90 sedans, now is all set to upgrade themselves to provide an upscale driving experience that would be comprised with an attractive price tag. Apart from the refreshed designs and additional appointments of premium luxury features, these sedans are now setting examples of technological advancements in the fields ofsafety, performance and convenience. That was reason enough to raise the bar of curiosity in us, and as a result we visited our nearby Conshohocken Genesis dealership to get a more detailed view of these latest technology features installed in the recent lineup of Genesis luxury cars.

Technologies to Ensure Safety

Thelineup of Genesis vehicles has always been a display of sophistication without compromising the basic elements of a vehicle, among which the aspect of safety and drive comfort have been always on the topmost priority. The latest Genesis cars are therefore equipped with the latest technological features that not only reduce the probabilities of road accidents but also ease out the stress from the shoulder of the driver.

Currently the 2019-2020 model year lineup of Genesis cars, especially on their premium trims packs in a lengthy array of driver-assistive features likeforward collision-avoidance assist, smart cruise control that is paired with stop and go functionality, driver attention warning, low beam assist-dynamic, high beam assist, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, autonomous emergency brakingand a full suite of airbags fixed at the strategic places, that can save the most vulnerable body parts of the occupants riding or driving a Genesis.

To be specific, all these technologies work together in constantly analyzing the road and driving situations ahead, while keeping the driver aware of them, through an instantaneous alert system. But the wonder of these technologies can be understood when these systems start acting on their own to slow down the vehicle at the time of emergencies, in case the driver fails to take quick and right action to save the car from an impending collision. The next aim of these technologies is to reduce the impact of a collision. The airbags that instantly inflate to provide a softer support of touch to the occupants in case the collision becomes inevitable, protecting them from banging on solid surfaces and get hurt badly.

Technologies in Support of Convenience

Technology features that uplift the level of convenience for both the driver and passengers in any Genesis cars, even on their base models can be listed down as a rear-view camera and auto window defogger for the driver’s convenience help increasing the overall visibility.These HD-quality cameras are installed to cover allthe blind spots of the vehicle letting the driver know about the surrounding situations. Our exploration of the latest Genesis sedans at the Conshohocken Genesis dealer showroom showed us grand looking 9.2-inch monitors with a remote-control panel for the infotainment system that keeps the driver updated about the upcoming driving routes and situations while entertaining the passengers through the journeys.`

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