The Pop Culture Of Photo Editing

It was almost 25 years ago that the culture of photo manipulation changed the perception of images and photos online. The release of photoshop, a software that changed is now the deciding factor to many media markets.

The prospect of doing things digitally for the publishers and the advertisers in that era was profoundly new and enticing but the analog customs were yet to wash off from the market. The manual process was expansive and painstaking.

What was the pre-photo editing era?

The fashion, food and many more marketing industries were all laboring hard and over to perfect skin, materials and other aspects of their brand imaging. Today the tools of photo editing have made it possible to whisk a perfectly accented image with a few clicks. Tools like erases, air brushers and various art supplies are indispensable to the common man quite easily.

Photo editing as a new virtual reality.

A simple computer program with a black and white crusader has now become a powerful stigma just a few decades later. The software is almost everywhere be it desktops or smartphones; it’s a new subconscious that could or could not be taken for granted depending on how extensively one uses it.

The stigma behind photo editing.

the reactions to the art of altering an image are not always positive. There are always debates and discussions that target the ethics of photo editing. A person’s appearance could be changed to an endless imagination from raising cheekbones, filling on more volume to the hair to changing skin color. Especially the fashion industry that is targeted and considered ethically problematic when it comes to photo-editing.

The ethics of photo editing didn’t dwindle

the ubiquitous aspect to photo editing is easy to slip on but an image is a powerful language and there are various editing platforms that are doing this right.


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