The Right Car and the Proper Windshield Option

Our roads, like us, are far from perfect. On them you can meet a lot of shortcomings that can complicate the already difficult life of a motorist. The smallest pebble that flew out from under the wheel of an oncoming or in front of a going car can cause a crack or chip on the windshield.

After the glass is damaged, one way or another, you have to repair it, or even worse, buy a new windshield. In my article today, we would like to give some practical advice that will simplify the buying process and help you choose a quality windshield that will last a long time, and the money will not be wasted. Now that the Car Windshield Price is quite justified, you can have a proper option now.

How to choose the windshield?

At first glance, it might seem that buying a windshield is a couple of trifles. Perhaps the way it is, if you evaluate only the process itself, you go to the store (or order on the Internet), choose from what you have, pay and put the glass in the place of further service. So it is, but if you approach this issue too lightly, you can buy a fake or a low-quality windshield, the consequences of such a purchase can be the most unpredictable, moreover, it is not known how the product will behave in the event of a pebble or, God forbid, accident. It is the poet who must make the right choice!

Inspect the product carefully.

Make sure that there are no scratches, damage, chips or other imperfections that may have formed during manufacture. If you find any signs of a violation of the integrity or deformation – refuse to buy.

Verify glass labeling and specifications

Corporate high-quality windshield will necessarily contain markings (black inscriptions). So in the marking you should see:

Name of manufacturer

Type of glass, it can be a designation in the form of the letter “T”, which means – tempered glass, or “WL” – triplex.

Pay attention to the quality of triplex

A high-quality windshield will have an appropriate triplex, as a rule, this is a multi-colored film of good quality. If you want to buy a tinted windshield – then in this case a green film will be used, if the glass is transparent – colorless. When the upper part of the glass is darkened, glass with a green-blue strip is used.


Prefer tempered glass, pay attention to edging

What is tempered glass, we think it’s not worth telling, we’ll better explain what edging is and what its essence is. In fact, the edging is the protection of the adhesive layer, the edging is applied by silk-screen printing. Factory glass is visible by characteristic points that are applied at the same distance from each other. A fake usually pretends to be because its black edging is not clear, offset or even blurry, and the dots themselves are plotted in two rows.

Windshield price

Prices, of course, can be different, it all depends on many factors (country of manufacture, car make, complexity of shape, tinting, thickness, etc.). Of course, many of us would like to get maximum quality at an extremely low price, but this does not happen, you have to pay for quality. I do not recommend buying a windshield at an abnormally low price, a low cost may indicate a low quality or unoriginal glass.

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