The Used Motorcycle Registration Process for You

The former and the new owner of the motorcycle must go to a notary to recognize their signatures on the form and issue a certified copy. The next step is for the person who is selling the bike, in possession of the certified copy, to go to a Detran service station and report the transfer to the agency.

According to the CTB, in its article 134, it has 30 days to do so. Otherwise, you will be liable for possible infringements by the new owner. The buyer, in turn, has 30 days to make the necessary arrangements for the shipment of the new CRV. With the motos bmw usages you can find the best deals here.

To break this rule is, according to article 233 of the Traffic Code, a serious violation. In order not to have problems, download my list of documents for the vehicle transfer and my purchase and sale agreement.

What If You Want to Customize the New Moto

After buying a motorcycle, you may want to add or modify accessories , either to make it more functional or simply to make it look your best.

How to do this within the law?

Article 98 of the Traffic Code makes it clear that a vehicle, be it a motorcycle, car, truck or whatever, cannot be modified at the owner’s discretion:

“Art. 98. No owner or guardian may, without the prior permission of the competent authority, make or order modifications to the vehicle of its factory characteristics.”

The National Traffic Council defines, in the annex to its Resolution No. 292/2008, a list of permitted modifications.

The first step, therefore, is to check whether the intended change is in the resolution table.

Even if listed, it will be necessary, according to Contran rules, to obtain authorization from the transit agency and subject the vehicle to a safety inspection for issuing the CSV.

What the CTB says

Failure to comply with the rules of Contran Resolution No. 292 subjects the owner of the vehicle to the fine of the aforementioned infringement of article 230 of the CTB, which reads as follows:

Driving the vehicle

  • VII – with the altered color or characteristic
  • Infringement – severe
  • Penalty – fine

According to article 258 of the code, the fine for a serious violation, which is the case we are talking about, is $ 195.23.

The following article (259) determines the number of points counted on the offender’s National Driver’s License. For serious infringements, there are five points. Recalling that, according to the rule of article 261, who accumulates 20 points in the period of 12 months has the license suspended.

What to Consider When Buying a New Motorcycle

  • Buy motorcycle what to take into account new
  • Understand which motorcycle specs you will be purchasing
  • The focus of this article was tips to consider when buying a used motorcycle because it is an acquisition that requires more care.
  • But that does not mean you can buy motorcycle zero kilometer with your eyes closed. This is also a choice that must be thought through.
  • First, think about what kind of motorcycle you want.

Will it only serve to walk the city or do you intend to make greater distances by walking on highways?

Lower displacement motorcycles are great for city traffic and use less fuel.

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