Top 4 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

Summers can be ruthless for your poor car that spends most of its time parked outside on the red hot pavements.

As you need protective cover from the harmful UV rays, so does your four-wheeler too. A folding car tent can provide the needed protection by curtailing the exposure. Here are a few more steps that you can undertake in order to ensure proper care of your vehicle during the harsh summer months.

  • Keep the coolant level under check:

During summers, your car works extra hard against its capacity and coolant is required to prevent the overheating. It functions by transferring the heat in order to keep the engine working seamlessly under the weather extremities.

You must get the coolant of the car changed every 30,000 – 50,000 miles, though this value may vary from model to model. Read your car manual or get in touch with the manufacturer to know more.

  • Battery fluid:

Soaring temperatures can also take a toll on your car battery. The sweltering heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate at a much faster rate than it would normally do under the normal circumstances. This can translate into the widespread corrosion of the terminals and other components running through the battery.

As soon as you begin to notice a bit of debris alongside the battery clamps and wiring, make sure to immediately wipe it off. Else, it may result in the build-up, which can cause further damage to the circuit.

  • Check your A/C workings:

Summers can be hard on your car A/C unit as well. To check the proper functioning, operate it on the highest level and check the airflow and cooling through all the vents.

In case you experience the drop in the performance or the car not getting properly cooled down, refrigerant levels could be low. Get the same immediately checked and treated by the expert technician.

Proper air conditioning is not only important for maintaining the optimum temperature but it is equally essential to ensure the safety of the car driver and co-passengers. Extreme temperatures can induce fatigue and affect the driving capabilities negatively.

  • UV onslaught:

Blazing Sunlight is loaded with harmful UV rays; they can adversely affect the exteriors as well as interiors of your car by fading its colour and in extreme cases developing cracks or causing splits too.

When you are constantly on move, a folding car tent (เต็นท์คลุมรถพับได้, which is the term in Thai) can come to your car’s rescue. It is portable and can provide immediate protection to your vehicle from the scorching heat and other elements, right there where you are.

Make judicious use of the above-mentioned tactics and save your four-wheeler from the extremities of the weather Gods.


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