Maybe you live to ride your motorbike or maybe you are a perfectionist and want more out of your motorbike. Increasing the performance of motorbikes and making tweaks to increase the power of your bikes can be an easy and handy task.

Where some of you may think to tweak your bike for higher performance can cost heavily. Worry not! Because your bike can be tweaked for that extra performance that you crave out of your ride without having to break your bank. There are many simple and do-it-yourself (DIY) ways by which you can customize and maintain your bike to the peak level.

Modifying parts of bikes and customizing it can mean different things for different people, for some maybe it’s for fun, aesthetics, or others it can be requirements as a professional bike racer. For some people, installing some motorcycle saddlebags, tool kits, etc is all the customization they ever need. On the contrary, some people love to learn about the bike mechanical things and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

How you enjoy your modified bike experience is up to you we are here to provide you the best and mind you the most ‘cost-effective’ ways by which you can tweak your motorbike to increase its performance.

Tweak 1: Suspension Settings

This is one of the most cost-effective treat that most probably won’t even cost you anything. You can do it yourself or with the help of your buddy. For this tweak, you will have to make baseline settings and adjust suspension against your weight.

Measure your bike’s expansion to the fullest extent and then measure the expansion while sitting on your bike. Measure the gap difference now, ensure to lose the suspensions enough that they won’t get maxed out when you sit. Keep a minimum 25mm-35mm gap for increased comfortless and acceleration.

 Tweak 2: Replace your bike’s air filters

Air filters play a crucial role when it comes to the bike’s power and acceleration. Increasing or enhancing air intake can greatly affect how your bike performs. You can improve and increase the significant power of your bike by simply replacing your air filter with a higher quality one. The air filter will block the unwanted dust particles from getting inside your bike’s engine and will increase your bike’s performance significantly.

Tweak 3: Ignition Customization

Your bike’s ignition is responsible for the level and quality of power it generates to power your motorbike. Replacing your bike’s default spark plug with a good quality platinum spark plug will help you get the extra kick that you crave. A high-quality spark plug will act as a good conductor for electricity and will create much higher quality sports and engine ignitions. For going easier on your pockets try some cheap low-resistance carbon-core plugs that will ensure a higher supply of fuel and will increase overall acceleration and speed.

Tweak 4: Switch to lighter parts

Low weight vehicles always travel faster. Your bike may have some heavy parts that may affect your acceleration and top speed. Increased weight on the engine requires the engine to push harder to achieve high speeds and may burn a high amount of fuel in the process. Therefore switching to low weight parts can not only enable you to catch speed faster but will also go easy on your bike’s engine health. Also, make sure the parts that you are switching perfectly fit the model and type of your motorbike.

Tweak 5: Remapping ECU-chips

This may sound a bit geeky for some of our bike lovers out there, but it is a lot simpler than it may sound. Engine-control-units (ECU) are electrical chips that are developed and installed in the motorbikes (mostly in newer version and models of bikes) that controls and also limits the functions or performance abilities of motorbike’s parts.

A simple remapping or in easy words re-configuration of the settings of this ECU-chip can allow you to unlock the hidden potential of your bike’s parts. This tweak may require you to learn about the process and do a bit of research before you go ahead with this tweak, but it can be worth it when you experience the true potential of your bike.


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