TOP Tools to Make 2020 a Better Year for You

TOP Tools to Make 2020 a Better Year for You

As the new year is already here, we can now reflect on the previous years and analyze everything that was bad and good throughout 2019. Since there have been a number of cool gadget releases in the past years, it is not always easy to understand which ones will benefit you in any way and which ones are a waste of your money. So here is our selection of the best gadgets that you can get use out of in 2020.

1.  Heads Up Display

A Head Up Display is certainly the most underrated and one of the coolest gadgets in the market right now. This device is designed to display vital data about the car or from a phone in the driver’s range of vision. Heads Up Display (HUD) gadgets are mainly used for convenience to keep information displayed in one place and close to them. These devices will be easily connected to your phone to play music, read messages, accept/decline calls or simply use for GPS HUD. On the other hand, you can also use gesture control device to make utilizing the gadget easier and the experience more pleasant .

The Heads Up Display also allows the driver to keep their attention on the road as most of the possible distractions are right in front of the driver’s eyes. It has been proven by numerous studies that a HUD helps to improve the reaction time of a driver in stressful situations.

2.  Smart Watch

Smart watches have gained immense popularity in the last few years and are now used by pretty much everyone and with good reason. Smart Watches will enable you to oversee your notifications, reply to text messages and do many more things.

One of the most important aspects of smart watches is how they track your health. These devices track how much you walk daily, how much time you spend sitting, swimming and your heart rate. Most smart watches are compatible with smartphones and there are different types for various budgets.

3.  Temperature Control Mug

Hot beverages are what keep most of us alive during the colder months of the year. However, if you are a person who enjoys drinking their tea/coffee slowly you often come across the issue of your beverages always going cold. In this case, a temperature control mug will be your best friend. If you don’t want to get a mug like this, there are special gadgets that you can put under your favorite mugs to keep your desired temperature.

4.  Wireless Earphones/Headphones

Wireless earphones have been around for a long time, but have gained popularity after the release of the wireless Apple Airpods in 2016. At first, it seemed like these devices were unnecessarily expensive and didn’t give much value. Yet, nowadays, the picture is much different. Not only are there wireless earphones for all budgets, but also for various needs. With wireless earphones/headphones, you don’t have to detangle the chords, they have good battery lives, they are also very durable, reliable as well as useful when you do a lot of tasks such as running, going to the gym and much more.

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