Useful Tips on Changing Your Car Headlights

Changing the headlights of your vehicle is one of the most important parts when it comes to maintaining it in terms of safety apart from keeping intact its cosmetic value. Though many car owners usually make it a job that can be done right on the driveway, if something goes wrong, not all the headlights give you the same opportunity, especially if yours is one of the newer cars in which there will be a lot of components been packed within a compact space. In such cases, you can help yourself by following these tips about changing the headlights of your vehicle that we have learned from the experts of the Voorhees Township Hyundai service center.

When to Change

To know when it is time to change the headlights is the first thing that will make things easier. Sometimes we don’t even get to realize that the headlights of our vehicle have burned out unless we are warned by a mechanic, but here we will make you aware of some warning signs that will indicate when you should change your headlights.

  • If the headlight bulbs are flickering,
  • The headlights are not bright enough as they used to be
  • If it they turn on bright but later dim off

Actions to Take

The headlights in a vehicle are one of the major safety components, without which you cannot drive. But mere presence of headlights does not guarantee you any safety as they need to work in tune as a pair. Hence, to ensure safety, you need to replace both the headlight bulbs even if only one is having the issue, because that indicates, that the lifespan of the headlights have come to an end. So even if you replace only one today, the other will ask for a replacement very soon.

Avoid Touching the Bulb

While changing the car headlights, try not to touch the bulbs ever. Headlights are run at extreme high temperatures and the bulbs get very hot after each drive. So, if you are changing the bulbs at the middle of a drive, always use either a work gloves or a rag so that you save your skin while leaving no fingerprints on them, that can affect the lights.

How to Get Easy Access to the Headlights

After you pop the hood of your car, take a minute look inside the compartment of engine that lies just behind the headlights. You might notice a protective shield that needs to be removed and that will give you direct access to the headlights. The next step is nothing but the same process as you change the bulbs at your home by releasing them out of the hook by twisting it in anti-clockwise direction and place the new ones the other way.

Dealing with the Tight Space

One of the experts at the Hyundai service near Voorhees Township showed us that the space allotted between the engine compartment and the headlights differ from vehicle to vehicle. If you find it too less, you can remove few parts to access the headlights easily. But do remember to place them again in the same order, for obvious reasons.

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