Wakatobi National Park: A List of Great Activity For You

You may have thought Bali was paradise on Earth (that OK, it practically is). However, many more places in Indonesia seem as if they came right from a movie. One tropical region particularly tickled my fancy: Wonderful Wakatobi, especially Wakatobi National Park! The national park is part of this archipelago in southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, also consists of several islands (Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko). I discovered the absolute best places to see on Indonesia’s most remarkable tropical shores. Allow me to tell you all about the gorgeous hotspots in this archipelago.

  1. Cemara Beach: Favourite Swimming Spot in Wakatobi

Cemara Beach seems just like one of those flawless shores I envision in my tropical holiday dreams. Truly, Cemara Beach is still one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. It is among the most relaxing places in the islands to have a dip and go swimming at the darkened blue water. Locals often have lunch and barbecues at the beach. There are typically people selling fresh coconuts and delicious ice-cream. It goes without telling that there are also neighboring snorkeling and snorkeling websites. Perfect for admiring the unique coral reefs and colorful fishes!

  1. Meet the Last of the Sea Nomads in Bajo Village

The Bajo folks are a Southeast Asian cultural group that spend the majority of their lives. The Bajo individuals are master cyclists and mainly make their living by selling their own grab. Admirably, they build their houses, schools, and mosques on sticks, high above the water surface. If the water is too heavy to build a home, they collect stones and reef to create a base. Their villages do not have roads, but heaps of boardwalks and bridges which connect the families.

The traditional culture of Bajo individuals is rapidly changing. Some have begun calling the Bajo the “last of this sea nomads.” Thus, a trip to one of the villages is an outstanding opportunity to get in touch with the local culture. I totally enjoyed getting to see their manner of living because they enabled us to go to their village. In case you choose to go to one of those Bajo cities, then do remember to act respectfully. This is because you are going to someone’s home, not a theme park!

  1. Explore Wakatobi National Park

The Wakatobi archipelago can be found in the so-called Coral Triangle, a prized ecoregion. From the Coral Triangle, we have identified hundreds of reef-building coral species. Well, the islands themselves may already look like picture-perfect vacation destinations. However, Wakatobi’s underwater world is much more breathtaking! The Coral Triangle covers 0.6% of the planet’s oceanic area, so it is a really compact habitat. Nevertheless, the region is home to a whopping 76% of all known coral species on the planet.

  1. Make to trip to Hoga Island.

If you believe Cemara Beach sounds like a dream, wait until you find Hoga Island’s photos. I mean “abandoned” just like not deserted. Besides a handful of other vacationers, you will have the whole beach to sunbathe, swim, and snorkel. All you’ll hear is the tender melody of these gentle waves rolling out. And rumor has it the reef at Hoga is among the best in Wakatobi!

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