Why Should You Rent a Rear Entry Wheelchair Van instead of a Side Entry Wheelchair Van?

You must be in a dilemma to choose which kind of wheelchair van rental you need to go on your next long road tour. Following are the leading four factors to choose a rear access wheelchair van:

  • More Cost-effective than a Side Access

Getting a wheelchair accessible van is not an inexpensive expense. Despite funding and lease options, the wheelchair vans do set you back greater than your standard vehicle.

Expenses can vary significantly, relying on the design of conversion you pick. A side entrance van has two primary alternatives offered, manual or powered entrance. Also, you can pick the type of ramp that appears in the automobile. Finally, added seat adjustments may require to be made. Factoring every one of these items in, a side entry wheelchair van will certainly run anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 more than a rear entrance mobility device van.

  • Better Ground Clearance than a Side Entry

Rear entry wheelchair vans are elevated in the back for the ramp which gives them extra ground clearance. Side entrance versions often tend to ride lower, which can result in scuffing of the bottom.

  • Easy Entryway

Among the most significant benefits with the rear entry wheelchair vans is the ease of entering the car. The person in the wheelchair just requires to drive ahead to enter. The ramp provides 56″ of height clearance, 91″ length in the ramp, 31″ ramp size and 23.5 ″ of clearance between both mid-row captain seats in some vehicles.

  • More Options for Vehicle parking

One of the greatest difficulties people confront with a side entry wheelchair van is the ability to park. You require having a space big enough to deploy the ramp as well as for simple entrance as well as exit. In the winter months, it is challenging to locate a place that is clear to deploy the ramp.

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