Red Shield Emergency Roadside Assistance Won’t Increase Your Auto Insurance Premium

Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere and your car breaks down in the dead of the night. You have no idea why the engine died, no car is in sight, you are scared, and all you have is your cell phone signal.

That’s how the Red Shield Emergency Roadside Assistance can come in handy.

This will really give motorists peace of mind whenever they are on the road. They know that somebody will always be there to provide assistance in cases of emergency. Once you call, the insurance company will immediately contact the nearest towing service to haul your car to the garage for repairs.

In other cases, a mechanic will be sent over to your location to try to fix the problem on the spot. It is now up to the mechanic to determine if a towing service will be necessary. In which case, Red Shield Protection employees will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

But what if you need a car for an important business?

The Roadside Assistance program of Red Shield also includes rental service assistance. This means that if your car will be stuck in the repair shop for extended periods, Red Shield will provide you a rental car during this duration. You don’t even have to pay a single cent as this is included in your auto protection plan.

You can continue on with your business, close that important deal, as your car is being repaired. If you are on a vacation with your family, don’t let your car breaking down stress you out. Go spend time with your family and create precious memories. And once you get back from your vacation, your car will already be waiting for you.

The other Emergency Roadside Assistance services by Red Shield include:

  • Hoist your car from a ditch using a crane
  • Delivery of fuel when your tank goes empty
  • Jumpstart your car’s batteries
  • Change your tires on the spot
  • Help you get in when you are locked out of your car
  • Send an ambulance in case of injuries
  • Assist you while your injury is being attended to in the hospital
  • Check you in at the nearest hotel if your car has to stay in the garage overnight
  • Talk to the other party in case of a roadside collision
  • Coordinate with the police, if necessary

All these are done so their customers won’t have to worry about a thing.

Unlike other insurance companies, however, you don’t have to pay extra to take advantage of Red Shield’s emergency assistance. The Roadside Assistance is automatically available when you apply for the following protection plans:

Red Shield Select — This flexible option will allow you to choose coverage from as short as one year to as long as six years.

Red Shield Guard — This auto coverage plan is designed for older cars. You can choose to protect your vehicle for an additional 100K mileage.

Red Shield Essentials — This type of protection is a short-service contract. You can choose to cover your vehicle in three months, six months, and nine months terms.

All auto protection plans from Red Shield have a $12,500 limits of liability or actual cash value. The company makes sure that you get the bigger amount.

The Roadside Assistance is also available for Red Shield’s insurance plans for motorcycles, RVs and motorhomes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and even watersports vehicles.


For more information about Red Shield’s emergency assistance program, you may visit their corporate office in Phoenix at Suite 410, 120 N. 44th Street. You may also contact (888) 740-6170 to talk to their friendly customer staff who can answer all questions regarding the different protection plans. The company also has an office in Kansas, located at 5350 College Boulevard, Overland Park. You can visit their website at

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